The Republican way of ruling against the will of the people

So on Tuesday, March 3, the House of Representatives voted to fund the Department of Homeland Security without any restrictions on immigration. It was billed as a victory for President Obama (see the NPR report of the vote) and it was clearly against the will of the American people. It was done in typical Boehner style, with him rallying fewer than 1/3 of the Republicans, to join 100% of the Democrats who voted for the bill.

Also, in typical Boehner style, he pretended like this was something he really didn’t want to do. “I am as outraged and frustrated as you at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this president,” he said in his caucus that morning.


The truth is that he always wanted to fund the amnesty. In fact, he has fought for amnesty for illegal immigrants, a cause heavily promoted by his chief sponsor, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. There are reports of Boehner meeting with Pelosi to strategize on how to get this passed against the will of the Republican majority, and, of course, against the will of the American people. March 3 was the date of the Netanyahu speech, and provided great cover for him. Conservatives were so wrapped up in the speech, there was little enthusiasm for backlash against Boehner.

A week and a half before this vote, Tucker Carlson of Fox News sized up the situation pretty accurately. When he was invited to be on the Special Report All Star Panel he commented on the theater of the amnesty impasse:

Republicans, I have to say, could be doing more to sell their side of the story. The public is against amnesty, and they’re actually not making the case. In order to win any kind of legislative battle first you win the battle of public opinion. And you do so by explaining yourself and why your position is right. And you’re not hearing them do that because, in their hearts, a lot of them actually aren’t that upset about it. They are much closer to the President’s view than they are to that of their own voters.

He added:

By the way, nobody is asking the American people, “Are you okay with having your country changed completely in its composition?” Nobody is checking in with the population, what they think about. They’re not for it. Republicans could win this argument and they’re not really trying.

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