Trying to cheer Obama’s great plan, but first we have to figure out what it is.

I just had to post this link to a video clip from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews show. It is so funny!

Chris Matthews has two guests. Cynthia Tucker is a partisan political hack posing as a Pulitzer-Prize-winning syndicated columnist. And Sean Smith is a partisan hack posing as a Yale Professor. Actually, he is a former Joe Lieberman campaign strategist who was hired to teach at Yale when Lieberman fired him after losing his 2006 primary campaign to Ned Lamont, but mentioning that would hurt their pretense of objectivity and expertise.

In this clip, they are trying to coach Obama on strategy. Should he propose what he really wants to do – a large spending plan that creates jobs – or should he compromise with Republicans? Then they spend a few minutes cheering the President’s plan and wistfully imagining what life would be like if he didn’t have opposition from extremist Republicans. And they urge him to be bold and propose what we all know he really wants to do.┬áBut then, in the last two minutes, they try to figure out what Obama really wants to do and decide, collectively, led by Matthews, that honestly they don’t really know.

It’s a hoot! Watch the whole thing if you have about nine minutes. If you don’t, watch the first minute and then skip to the last two.

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