A surprising showing by Michele Bachmann in our Tea Party straw poll

I left watching the Republican debate on Fox to be able to catch part of our Mountain View Tea Party meeting and its straw poll. I was a little surprised at the results of the poll.

Mitt Romney drew 41% of the votes. Well, this is a heavily LDS area of Mesa, so that’s not particularly surprising. But Michele Bachmann was in a strong second place at 21%, and everyone else was under 10%. That surprised me.

I was able to catch a good part of the debate when I got home, as Fox News replayed it. You have to admit that Michele Bachmann was impressive.

Joel Gehrke, writing about the debate for the Washington Examiner, said, “Rep. Michele Bachmann looks like the favorite for the Iowa caucuses after her debate performance tonight.”

In a comment I posted to his article, I said, “Spot on analysis, in my opinion. Bright, articulate, consistent, and presidential – that’s what I saw in Michele Bachmann tonight.”

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