Funny numbers on unemployment, Jack Welch, and being polite

America needs more people with the guts of Jack Welch, who tweeted after Friday’s unemployment report, “Unbelievable jobs numbers…these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.” And it does take guts. He’s taking on the Chicago guys, and you know they’ll smear him and do anything they can to make an example of him. Beware the income tax audit, Jack. And they’ll go after your reputation.

And I hate it when people let themselves be intimidated. But that’s what most people in the national spotlight will do. When the Wall Street Journal interviewed Heritage Foundation analyst James Sherk, Sherk, he took a safer middle ground saying that, while the numbers are probably not accurate, the idea that the books were cooked was ludicrous. Strikes me as someone who wants to keep his friends. I understand. That’s what successful people on the national scene need to do. But I love the truth, and people with that attitude so muddy the waters.

But now today we have Newt Gingrich saying that Jack Welch’s claim that the numbers were manipulated “rings true to people.” And it does. I looked at the report of his Meet the Press interview in the National Journal (hardly a conservative publication), and read the comments people made. I went through 26 comments, including one from a confessed liberal, before I found one that tried to defend the numbers. Here in main street America where we don’t have to worry about national reputations and being polite to our Washington friends, we don’t believe the establishment media, we don’t believe the government, and we’re not afraid to say so.

And I was bothered by the treatment of the issue on the Fox News Special Report panel on Friday. Steve Hayes made the comment that this report could be trouble down the road for the administration when the correction comes out next month. Steve, how slow can you be to catch on? This regime is lawless. Rush Limbaugh was predicting this drop in the reported unemployment rate just before the election months ago. A whole lot of us were expecting this. The October numbers that we will get just before the election will only reinforce these September numbers. The Labor Department and the Census Bureau are both controlled by political appointees of the president, and they will not let a report out that makes Obama look bad just before the election. Not going to happen.

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