Republican deceit on Obamacare defunding

This is the way they try to fool the voters. First they vote to give the Democrats the power to block the defunding of Obamacare. Then, when they’ve set the stage so that their vote to block it will not be successful, they vote to block it. They do this to be able to say they tried to block the funding of Obamacare while actually facilitating it.

There are 46 Republican senators. Led by minority leader Mitch McConnell, 25 of them cast the procedural vote that allowed Obamacare defunding to be stripped from the budget resolution. Then, for the sake of the optics back home, they ceremoniously voted to defund. To quote Utah Senator Mike Lee, “With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?”

Most disgusting of all was the stance taken by our senior senator from Arizona, John McCain. After Senator Ted Cruz’s noble filibuster effort, McCain was trotted out by his friends Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer to lecture Senator Cruz about how he shouldn’t stand up to the Democrats. Senator McCain proceeded to sermonize about how Obamacare was passed fair and square and that since the voters re-elected Obama, we should respect their wishes and allow it to move forward. No, Senator McCain, Obamacare was not passed fair and square. It was rammed through against the wishes of the American people. Members of Congress had to shut down their town hall meetings. I remember those times – it was very ugly.

And Senator McCain has to know that Republicans in Congress are there in large part because the voters want them to stop Obamacare. On the other hand, Obama didn’t run for re-election on the implementation of Obamacare – his campaign theme was stopping the rich kid Romney from becoming president.

So, after this sickening defense of Obamacare, McCain, of course, votes with the majority of Republicans to let it be implemented, but then turns around and in a “show” vote, votes to defund it.

They take us for stupid.

Thanks to the 19 Senators who risked the displeasure of their leader, Senator McConnell, and tried to cast the key procedural vote in this battle. Visit to see the list of Republicans and how they voted on the key procedural vote and the show vote.


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