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This is my third post in a row on this unfolding Libya scandal. But I am fascinated and almost horrified to watch the unfolding of this scandal. And it’s not so much seeing what the Obama Administration has done. It should be clear to anyone who is watching this closely and who doesn’t have ideological blinders on that they are corrupt and their goal is to seize and retain power by whatever means will work. But what fascinates and scares me at the same time is the cover-up being perpetrated by the establishment media.

It was refreshing to see the rant by Pat Caddell from Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday night, on Fox. Pat Caddell got his start in politics working for George McGovern. He went on to be a pollster for Jimmy Carter. He is known now on the Left as a Fox News Democrat. They need a way to dismiss anyone with integrity who tries to intrude into their reality distortion field, and calling him a Fox News anything is a handy way to do that. But there are other liberals with integrity who are joining him.

Interestingly, Mr. Caddell, just as I did, compares the Libya scandal to Watergate.

Here is the video:

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