Republican leadership complicit in Benghazi cover-up

When House Speaker John Boehner can get away with it, he appears to have a strong desire to cooperate with Democrats in Congress. And now here he is, with the committee chairs he has put in place, helping the Benghazi cover-up. Is he a closet Liberal? Mark Levin wonders whether the Democrats have something on him. Whatever it is, it’s not good. When there is something they really need, he delivers.

Why is he resisting setting up a select committee to investigate Benghazi? This is one of the worst scandals and cover-ups in American history. Almost 2/3 of his caucus have signed a petition asking for this select committee, and he won’t do it.

And then when these e-mails came out that clearly demonstrate that Hillary Clinton lied when she testified before Congress, I heard Mark Levin, on his show, suggesting that she had perjured herself, and that this should be pursued. However, it has come out since then that they allowed her to testify without first putting her under oath. So they aided and abetted in her being able to get away with her part of the screw-up.

Something is very fishy here. There needs to be a new Speaker.

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