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A gradual, quiet coup

That’s how Mark Levin described President Obama’s approach to the presidency, underscored by Obama’s comments today in his first official cabinet meeting of the year. As quoted by The Daily Caller, he said: “One of the things I’ll be emphasizing … Continue reading

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Comparing the United States to the old Soviet Union

Last week, Mark Levin had a call on his radio show that is worth publishing here. The caller, Ed from Long Island, had grown up in the old Soviet Union. Here is a transcript of what he said: “Yes, hi, … Continue reading

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Cold, unfeeling government health care

Last night, Mark Levin on his radio show had a caller, Matt from Chicago, who related an experience with his father and the Veterans Administration: “Real quick, you’re talking about  the VA and government health care. Seven years ago my … Continue reading

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No, Colin Powell is not that stupid

We’ve heard Colin Powell’s remarks about the voter ID laws in North Carolina and Texas. They’re going to make it more difficult for minorities to vote, he says. Mark Levin devoted a large segment of his show yesterday to responding … Continue reading

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Immigration reform – something going on behind the scenes here

In the closing minutes of the Mark Levin Show on Friday, Congressman Steve King of Iowa called in to warn us about this immigration bill, specifically the Corker Amendment which was proposed on Friday. He had just discovered a provision … Continue reading

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Jeff Flake joins the Democrats in opening the door for more gun control

I felt this was the way Jeff Flake was going to go. I have seen him as one who would more like to “go along to get along” than to defend our liberties. He was one of the Republicans called … Continue reading

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Dr. Benjamin Carson reveals intolerance of Left

I listened to Dr. Benjamin Carson’s interview on the Mark Levin show Monday night. I love honesty and that’s why I loved this interview. I love it when the hypocrites, the phonies, the pretenders, are exposed. And there was a … Continue reading

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Was Mark Levin partly responsible for John Boehner’s glorious defeat?

Well, to Boehner, his defeat is embarrassing. But to me it is glorious. Last night, in the second hour of his radio, Mark Levin called for a “Levin surge.” He gave out the phone number for the congressional switchboard and … Continue reading

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Mitch McConnell interviewed by Mark Levin. Really!

Hey, it’s a very hopeful sign. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed to appear on the Mark Levin radio show. Levin has been highly critical of McConnell and has called for new Republican leadership. But last night, McConnell agreed to … Continue reading

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A Tea Party defense of Utah Senator Orrin Hatch

Wednesday night, Mark Levin, on his radio show, gave a spirited defense of Senator Orrin Hatch. Senator Hatch is being challenged in his re-election bid by fellow Republican and former Utah State Senator Dan Liljenquist. The Left presents this as … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz for Senate

I heard Ted Cruz interviewed on Mark Levin’s radio show the other day. Was I impressed! I sent him some money. Ted Cruz is a constitutional and social conservative who is running for the U.S. Senate against Texas Lt. Gov. … Continue reading

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How Obamacare death panels will operate

A little over a week ago, Mark Levin took a call on his radio show from Jeff from Chicago. Jeff is a neurosurgeon who had just returned from a meeting in Washington, DC, where fellow members of the American Association … Continue reading

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